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Terms and definitions
Terms and definitions
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We are Crowdsurf Funding Portal LLC (“Crowdsurf” or the “Company”). Crowdsurf is an SEC and FINRA-registered Funding Portal. We operate our Funding Portal through our website,, which is an online Creator financing platform that combines crowdfunding, investing, and community to create a marketplace that allows fans to invest in their favorite Creator’s careers. Our mission is to empower investors to participate side-by-side in the success of their favorite Creators.

These Investor Educational Material Frequently Asked Questions (the “FAQs”) are here to provide you with information that will be useful in helping you make informed decisions with respect to investments you are considering making through our platform. Please make sure you review this information carefully and contact us with any questions via email at [email protected].

Before we dive into our FAQs, and to help clarify some terms we use through these FAQs, please note the following defined, capitalized terms:

  • Crowdsurf or the Company – means Crowdsurf Funding Portal LLC, a Texas limited liability company.

  • Creator – means any content Creator who creates a company to become an Issuer on the Platform.

  • FINRA – means the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

  • Form C – is the primary disclosure statement relating to an Issuer’s Reg. CF Offering that Issuers make publicly available through the Form C’s filing with the SEC.

  • Funding Portal – is an “intermediary” that must be registered with the SEC and FINRA in order to facilitate Issuers’ Reg. CF Offerings.

  • Investment Commitment – is an Investor’s promise to invest a certain amount of money in an Issuer in exchange for Securities.

  • Investor – is any person who invests money in an Issuer through an Issuer’s Offering of Securities.

  • Investor Dashboard – is the part of the Platform where an Investor can view all of his or her investments and account information.

  • Issuer – means any company who launches a Regulation Crowdfunding Offering on our Platform.

  • Offering – is the process by which an Issuer raises money by selling Securities.

  • Paid Promoter – is a person or entity who is paid by an Issuer to advertise and/or market the Issuer’s Offering.

  • Platform – means, i.e., Crowdsurf’s online Funding Portal site.

  • Regulation Crowdfunding or Reg. CF – is a regulatory exemption promulgated by the SEC which allows companies to raise money by selling Securities to everyday people (i.e., the “crowd”) as long as certain conditions are met.

  • SEC – means the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Security or Securities – are financial assets, usually in the form of equity or debt, which represent a financial interest in an Issuer. Issuers sell Securities in the Reg. CF Offerings hosted on the Platform.

  • Security Instrument – is the document that an Investor must sign in order to purchase an Issuer’s Securities.

  • Target Offering Amount – means the dollar amount stated in an Issuer’s Form C which the Issuer must raise from Investors in order to close its Reg. CF Offering.

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